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We offer several different ranges of Limited Edition Prints.

Most prints are available in A4 size, which are limited to 299 numbered copies.
Select prints are also available in A3 size, with others only available in A3 size. All A3 editions are limited to 99 numbered prints.
We offer two different sizes of Panoramic Prints, both limited to 299 numbered copies. The sizes of the Panoramic Prints are shown below.

The format of one of our prints is illustrated below. Should you have any other queries, please drop David an e-mail at:

Print and Image Sizes

Our prints are computer generated and printed on standard European paper sizes. Picture frames are readily available in these standard sizes, although the prints also look particularly nice framed with a suitable mountboard.


We offer prints in a number of sizes. Check the catalogue for specific. Most of the prints are available in:
- A4 size: 210 mm X 297 mm (with an actual image size of 130 mm X 217 mm) or;
- A3 size: 297 mm x 420 mm (with an actual image size of 197 mm X 320 mm).


We offer two different sizes of Panoramic Prints:
- Large: 210 mm X 594 mm (with an image size of 130 mm X 514 mm)
- Small: 148 mm X 420 mm (with an image size of 99 mm X 370 mm).


From time to time we will also offer a small number of special prints, which may vary in size, but details will always given in the catalogue entry for the image concerned
Print Sizes

Standardised Layouts

The layout of most of the Prints are standardised by Print size and type, to ensure consistency across a collection. Layouts for a small number of the "Special" Prints may, however, vary, depending upon the subject.


What is Lightfastness? Simply put it is how long the print will last, before fading. Things have come a long way since the early days of digital printing, with good quality digital prints now likely to last as long, if not longer, than traditional photographic prints. Most of our prints are printed on Epson Pro 4800 and 2400 printers using original Epson UltraChrome K3 ink technology, which delivers high quality prints that look superb in any lighting condition, every time. And with excellent colour stability and outstanding durability, you will get results that look great for years to come. Epson claim a Lightfastness of about 75 years for colour prints on these printers. For further details, please see Epson's website.

Subject Details

Each print gives details of the aircraft featured, including the aircraft make and type, the airline, the Manufacturers Serial Number (Msn) and, where appropriate, any Line Number (Ln). Details are given of where and when the photograph was taken.

We are somertimes asked why Msn and Ln are important. Every aircraft airframe is allocated an Msn at production and, whereas a national registration number may change, the Msn will always remain the same. To those interested in tracing the history of a particular airframe this is important as that aircraft may move between airlines and countries many times during its lifetime. Different manufacturers handle the numbering differently.

Boeing allocates a single Msn series to cover all aircraft types, whereas Airbus issues a separate Msn series to each main aircraft family. Some manufacturers, including Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, then issue a separate Ln series for each aircraft family or type. The Ln indicates the production number for an airframe within a particular type or family. Clear as mud? Perhaps an illustration will help: Lets use Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-412 registered 9V-SMU as our example. The Msn for 9V-SMU is 27068, whereas the Ln is 1000, indicating that this aircraft is the 27,068th Boeing commercial aircraft produced, and is also the 1000th Boeing 747 produced. Using Msns and Lns you can trace the history of any airframe from production to demise.

Copyright Protection

Each print bears a Copyright Notice, together with the AAP website address. David Riley retains the copyright on all prints sold and both the print itself and the images contained therein may not be repoduced in part or in whole either in print or digitally, without the express written consent of the copyright holder. David strongly supports the protection of intellectual property rights and is committed to pursuing all cases of copyright infringment.

If you are a writer or author, please contact David to see if he can assist with images for your project. He has assisted several authors with images in the past. Obviously, as the Limited Edition Digital Photographic Prints are sold as Limited editions, we cannot allow the use of any of these particular images. Asian Aviation Photography’s library contains over 150,000 stock images. You can contact David at

Website Watermarking

All prints on the website bear an AAP watermark, which does not appear on the actual prints.

All images and content on this website are Copyright David Riley © 2008 and may not be reproduced in whole or in part either in print or electronically without the express written approval of the Copyright Holder.