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Founded in 1935 as an adjunct to Sir Reginald Miles Ansett’s road haulage business, Ansett Airways Pty. Ltd quickly established itself as a successful airline within Victoria. During the war the airline’s routes were suspended, but after the war Ansett worked hard to re-establish it’s route network. The airline merged with Australian National Airlines in 1957, to become Ansett ANA. The airline expanded during the latter part of the century with B737, B767 and A320 aircraft. However, a number of unwise investments had weakened the airlines finances and in February 2000, Air New Zealand purchased the remaining 50% of the shareholding that it didn’t own. An ageing fleet and the maintenance irregularities leading to the grounding of the B767 fleet meant that Ansett became a considerable drain on the parent’s finances. The airline was put into voluntary administration in September 2001. The airline ceased operations on 14 September that year and the fleets of Ansett and its subsidiaries, Hazelton Airlines, Kendell, Skywest and Aeropelican were grounded. The airline was briefly resurrected as Ansett II in October 2001, but finance for the new airline never really materialised and the airline finally collapsed in March 2002.
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Australia Asia was a subsidiary of Qantas set up to allow flights to Taiwan. Initially formed with two leased B747SP's from Qantas, the airline eventually also operated B767 aircraft as well.

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Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd) came into being on 16 November 1920, based at Winton, Queensland, but moved it’s HQ to Longreach, in Queensland the following year. Qantas ran only domestic services until 1935 when it began overseas flights to Singapore, which were eventually done in conjunction with Imperial Airways using Short C Class Seaplanes. The HQ was moved to Sydney in 1938. During the Second World War, Qantas operated in support of Australian troops and maintained flights linking Ceylon to Australia using Catalina aircraft. The Kangaroo logo was adopted in 1944.

Following the war, Qantas extended its overseas operations throughout Asia and across the Pacific, with its own aircraft flying to the UK. In 1959 Qantas added B707’s to the fleet and the B747 was introduced in 1971. The airline became an all B747 airline when the last B707 retired in 1979. B767’s were introduced in 1985 and in 1989 a Qantas B747-400’s established a world distance record by flying from Sydney direct to London. In 1992, Qantas bought Australian Airlines, which was fully integrated into the parent airline, but was to re-appear again briefly between 2002 and 2006.

Today Qantas is a major player amongst the world’s airlines and continues to expand. It has 12 Airbus A380’s on order (with options for another 10) and plans to add upto 115 Boeing 787 Dream liner aircraft to the fleet.
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Australia is an important hub in the Asia Pacific route network and most of the world's major airlines operate scheduled services to one or more of the main cities. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are the main centres for most of this traffic.

Online Catalogue:Australian Prints

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