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Asian Photographs Asian Photographs

At the request of a number of my friends I have started to build up a range of Photographs from my library of images taken over several decades in various locations around Asia. As the range expands, I will be arranging these by Airline, rather than by location, which should make it easier for you to locate something specific. I travelled extensively in Asia and took photographs at all the major Airports at one time or another. Many of the aircraft appeared in many different locations. I have photographs of one particular JAL DC-10 in ten different locations!

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Cathay Pacific Tristar Photographs Cathay Pacific Tristar Photographs

Elsewhere on the site you will see that we have included a new section giving a brief history of the Lockheed L1011 Tristar in Cathay Pacific service, illustrated by a number of the Photographs that we have to offer. We have pulled all these Photographs together into this single section.

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United Kingdom Photographs United Kingdom Photographs

Since returning to the UK, I have been building up a portfolio of UK aviation images. In 2007 we released a range of Photographic Prints featuring aircraft that I photographed in the UK. The following year we added a range of Photographs and this has now expanded to nearly one thousand Photographs. I get a number of requests for photographs of specific aircraft, particularly from the UK airlines, and so I am attempting to include photographs of as many of these as I can on the site.

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Military Aircraft Photographs Military Aircraft Photographs

I have decided to include some of the photographs that I have taken at various UK Air Shows over the last few years, starting with a small selection taken at the 2006 & 2007 Royal International Air Tattoos at RAF Fairford. We will gradually expand this range as and when time permits.

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Zurich Photographs Zurich Photographs

This section includes some of the photographs that I took during a four day visit to Zurich International Airport in April 2007. I had done work for a client at Zurich in the early 1990's, but was very pleasantly surprised at how supportive the airport authorities were of those today wishing to view and photograph aircraft at the airport, providing some of the best viewing facilities in Europe.

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Hong Kong Prints Hong Kong Prints

We have a wide range of Prints covering the Hong Kong aviation scene, including the Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and Hong Kong Air fleets, as well as many of the vistors to Hong Kong. The photographs were taken at Kai Tak International Airport, now sadly closed, and at Chep Lap Kok International Airport, which replaced it. Kai Tak provided a particularily spectacular backdrop for photographs and will always be remembered as one of the worlds truly great airports. To make navigation around the site easier we have arranged the Prints by airline and regional groups.

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Malaysia Prints Malaysia Prints

I am pleased to offer a wide range of Prints featuring the aviation industry in Malaysia. Although focused heavily on my extensive portfolio of images of Malaysia Airlines' fleet, the range also includes many of the other local and international airlines operating into and out of Malaysia. The prints also cover operations from both the current Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang and the previous Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport at Subang, as well as various other regional airports across Malaysia.

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United Kingdom Prints United Kingdom Prints

For the past ten years I have been building up a portfolio of UK aviation images and we are pleased to be able to offer an initial selection of Prints featuring subjects from this portfolio.

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Australian Prints Australian Prints

I have included a few of the pictures that I took at Kingsford-Smith International Airport, Sydney and Tullamarine International Airport, Melbourne. I undertook a number of shoots on the two aprons with clients and so I have quite a few interesting images from these two locations. I hope to expand this section in due course, when time permits. In the 1990's the clear blue skies and the relative lack of polution made Australia a preferred destination for many aviation photographers.

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Panoramic Prints and Montages Panoramic Prints and Montages

I am particularly pleased with our Panoramic Print ranges, which have proved very popular. We offer two different sizes. The large Pamoramic Print measures 210 mm X 594 mm (with an image size of 130 mm X 514 mm), whilst the small Panoramic Print measures 148 mm X 420 mm (with an image size of 99 mm X 370 mm). All Panoramic Prints are limited to 299 copies and images only appear in one or other size, not both. From time to time we also offer a number of Special Prints, which vary in size, but details are always given in the catalogue entry for the image concerned. These are also limited to 299 copies.
Airbus A380 Photographs and Prints Airbus A380 Photographs and Prints
Despite recent problems, the A380 is now in service with an ever expanding number of Airlines and I have inbcluded all the A380 pictures that appear elsewhere on this site in this section so that you can view them all together in one place. I have spent much of my life around aircraft of one type or another but the A380 is an awsome sight and one that you are likely never to forget.

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